Lifetime Warranty

All rebuilt superchargers purchased from CJ Auto Come with a lifetime
limited warranty. The warranty covers all defects in materials and
craftsmanship.  All claims must be accompanied by the rebuilt
supercharger and the original sale receipt. This warranty is non-transferable.


Any defect from the following will void warranty.

Installation and removal labor are not covered by this warranty

Warranty subject to limitations listed herein. CJ Auto, at its option, shall repair
or replace a supercharger with the warranty term after determination by CJ Auto
that the product is defective.  All products are to be returned to CJ Auto for
inspection.  Products not returned to CJ Auto will not be warranted.  All repairs
and/or replacements covered by this warranty must be authorized by CJ Auto.
unauthorized repairs will not be paid.  Purchaser is responsible for all return
shipping costs.

CJ Auto
345 Eaton Ferry Rd.
Macon NC 27551